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Rupeya App Referral Code (88CBD12B4DF2) Get Up To Rs.240 Signup Bonus.

Rupeya isn’t just another money app; it’s a gateway to unlocking a world of financial opportunities right from your phone. Whether you’re a seasoned saver or a newbie on the earning scene, Rupeya has something for everyone, with its lucrative signup bonus of up to Rs.240 and a rewarding referral program that lets you cash in on your network.

App NameRupeya App
Referral Code BenefitsGet Up To Rs.240 Signup Bonus
Refer and EarnGet Rs.100 Per Referral
Referral Code 88CBD12B4DF2
App LinkClick Here

Rupeya App

By referring friends with your unique code, you both earn Rs.240 each with Rupeya App Referral Code.
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Additional Tips for Maximizing Your Earnings on Rupeya App:

  • Become a Referral Master: Don’t stop at one! Share your code with everyone you know and watch your rewards pile up. Social media posts, group chats, and even word-of-mouth can be goldmines.
  • Task Time: Don’t underestimate the power of quick tasks. Watching short videos, taking surveys, or playing simple games can add a surprising boost to your earnings. Dedicate a few minutes daily and see the rewards.
  • Stack Those Coupons: Combine Rupeya’s app-specific offers with store coupons and promo codes for maximum savings. Double discounts mean double the joy!
  • Explore Categories: Rupeya goes beyond the usual suspects. Don’t just focus on fashion and food. Check out deals on travel, groceries, healthcare, and more. You might uncover hidden gems you never knew existed.
  • Stay in the Loop: Keep an eye on Rupeya’s notifications and social media channels. They frequently announce flash sales, limited-time offers, and bonus earning opportunities. Don’t miss out on the good stuff!
  • Refer & Earn, Again and Again: Remember, the referral program is ongoing. Keep spreading the word and keep reaping the rewards. Every new user you bring in means bonus points for both of you.
  • Cash Out Smartly: Wait for strategic moments to withdraw your earnings. Some merchants offer bonus cashback when you pay using Rupeya’s wallet. Time your withdrawals to maximize these benefits.
  • Have Fun!: Saving money and earning rewards should be enjoyable. Use Rupeya to discover new stores, try different brands, and treat yourself occasionally. After all, smart shopping is happy shopping!

How To Signup In Rupeya App:

  1. Download the App: Head over to Google Play or the App Store and search for “Rupeya.” Download the app for free and get ready to unleash your inner bargain hunter.
  2. Open the App and Choose Your Language: Select your preferred language for a smooth and comfortable app experience.
  3. Enter Your Mobile Number: Provide your active mobile number to receive an OTP (one-time password). Don’t worry, your number stays safe with Rupeya!
  4. Verify Your Number with the OTP: Enter the 6-digit OTP you receive via SMS. This confirms your identity and secures your account.
  5. Claim Your Signup Bonus : enter it on this screen to snag a sweet bonus right off the bat. You can thank us later!
  6. Create a Password: Choose a strong, unique password to keep your Rupeya account secure. Remember, a secure password is a happy wallet!
  7. Welcome to the World of Savings! That’s it! You’re now officially a Rupeya user, ready to explore deals, earn cashback, and manage your finances with ease.

Rupeya App Referral Code


  • Sign Up with Referral Code: Enter our exclusive code (88CBD12B4DF2)during registration to claim your Rs.240 bonus instantly.
  • Complete Tasks: Earn additional rewards by participating in simple tasks like referring friends, watching videos, or playing games.
  • Withdraw Earnings: Cash out your bonus and earned rewards seamlessly into your bank account.

Rupeya App Refer And Earn – Get Rs.100 Per Refer:

  1. Earning Potential: Earn Rs.100 per successful referral, which can accumulate quickly with a strong network.
  2. Ease of Participation: Share your referral link through various channels like social media, messaging apps, or email.
  3. Mutual Benefit: Both you and your referrals receive a bonus, making it a win-win situation.
  4. Research Needed: Lack of information about the Rupeya app itself requires thorough research before promoting.
  5. Terms & Conditions: Carefully read the program’s terms and conditions to understand eligibility, withdrawal process, and potential limitations.
  6. Transparency: Be upfront with your referrals about the app, its functionalities, and the referral program’s specifics.

Rupeya App Referral Code

Looking to boost your wallet and help your friends save big? Look no further than the Rupeya app’s referral program! Earn a cool Rs.100 for every successful referral, plus unlock the door to a world of savings and cashback opportunities.


1. What is Rupeya App?

Saves you money & earns cashback on purchases.

2. How do I sign up for Rupeya App?

 Download app, enter mobile number, verify, set password.

3. Can I get a bonus for signing up?

Yes, use our code (88CBD12B4DF2) for Rs.100!

4. How do I earn cashback with Rupeya App?

Browse deals, activate before shopping, cashback auto-credited.

5. What stores can I earn cashback on?

Thousands including Flipkart, Myntra, Swiggy & more.

6. How can I withdraw my earned cashback?

Bank transfer or in-app payments.

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